Rockwall & Bungee Trampoline Combo

Bungee Trampolines are all the rage and rock climbing walls are a must for any event. We combined the two, offering both experiences in one unit. Very few items really appeal to all ages but the Rockwall & Bungee Trampoline Combe is always a hit. You can soar up to 25 feet in the air, perform acrobatic flips and safely experience the thrill of bungee jumping on our 3 station trampoline bungee system and then challenge your friends to a race to the top of our full size, multi station climbing wall. We can entertain double the number of people, offer 2 different challenges, and do it all for around the same price most companies charge just for a bungee system.

Rockwall climbers and Bungee Trampoline jumpers must weigh between 40-220 pounds and/or the harness fits the person correctly. 

Starting at:
$1,850.00 / per 4 hours

Staff is required for Rockwall & Bungee Trampoline Combo.
Fee for staff is not included in price.
Please call or request a quote for staff pricing.
*restrictions may apply

Item Dimensions: (width x length x height)

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