Dippin’ Dots 24 Pre-Packs

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Starting at:
$102.00 / per 4 hours

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Item Dimensions: (width x length x height)


  • Dippin' Dots FreezerDippin' Dots Freezer

    Want to keep your Dippin' Dots colder for longer or not planning to eat them right away? Dippin' Dots Freezers will keep your Dippin' Dots at -30° to -40°. 

  • Banana SplitBanana Split
  • Birthday CakeBirthday Cake
  • ChocolateChocolate
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie DoughChocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  • Cookies and CreamCookies and Cream
  • Cotton CandyCotton Candy
  • Frozetti ConfettiFrozetti Confetti
  • Rainbow IceRainbow Ice
  • Redberry SherbertRedberry Sherbert
  • YoDots Chocolate Chip Cookie DoughYoDots Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
  • YoDots Cookies and CreamYoDots Cookies and Cream
  • YoDots Cotton CandyYoDots Cotton Candy